Designating heritage properties

The following information was take from the City of Lethbridge Historic Building Preservation brochure:

Municipal Historic Resources

Municipal Historic Resources are buildings that the City of Lethbridge has legally protected from inappropriate changes and alterations. Owners of a Municipal Historic Resource can access provincial grants to assist with the costs of conservation, preservation and restoration for their building.

Will the City designate my property without my knowledge or consent?

No, the City of Lethbridge works in cooperation with property owners.

What types of sites can be designated?

Any type of building, whether it is residential or commercial, can be a Municipal Heritage Resource.

What properties are currently protected by the city?

An up to date record of Municipal Historic Resources is on the City of Lethbridge website.

How do I get my building designated as a Municipal Historic Resource?

You can complete an Application to Designate and submit it to the City of Lethbridge. The designation process usually takes several months, and includes:

  • Researching the history of the building.
  • Evaluating the building by the Heritage Advisory Committee.
  • Preparing a Heritage Designation Bylaw for City Council’s consideration.

What is the criteria for designating buildings?

Each building is evaluated on a case by case basis. To be considered as a municipal heritage resource, a building should be at least 50 years old, and must:

  • Have significant historical value, and
  • Retain its original form and features.

Contact information

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