About the neighbourhood

The London Road Neighbourhood is located south and east of the downtown area, and can be considered an integral part of both the city’s central core and also its residential areas. The London Road Neighbourhood is bordered by 13 Street South, 9 Avenue South, Scenic Drive South, 6 Avenue South, 11 Street South, and 3 Avenue South.

Map of London Road Neighbourhood


The London Road Neighbourhood was one of the first residential areas to be developed in Lethbridge.

During the period 1890 to 1914 (particularly the shorter period 1890–1905) that the city experienced rapid population growth and a significant building boom. Nearly half of the existing houses in the neighbourhood were built during this time; these older homes create much of the historical character which prevails throughout the London Road Neighbourhood.

The second period of significant building activity occurred during, and primarily after, World War II, when the rest of the neighbourhood was built up.

Land use and recreation

The predominant neighbourhood land use is residential, with roughly 80% of all uses being of a single family residential nature or single family with a basement suite.

Neighbourhood parks

  • Kiwanis Greenacres Park
  • Kinsmen Park
  • London Road Park
  • Kin Playground

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