About the association

Established in 1974, the London Road Neighbourhood Association is a non-profit association dedicated to maintaining the qualities of the historical London Road neighbourhood that make it one of the finest communities in the city. We work closely with the City and provide considered opinion to changes that affect and enhance the quality of residency within the London Road area.

What do we do?

It is our vision to maintain the qualities of this historical neighbourhood. We work closely with the City of Lethbridge to monitor development and make suggestions to ways the neighbourhood can be enhanced. We seek to empower London Road residents to iterate their concerns when they feel their neighbourhood is threatened.

In addition, we strive to unify the neighbourhood, increase homeowner and resident pride in our fine neighbourhood, and be a source of support for homeowners.

When residents of London Road request the assistance of the association concerning a development in their area, the association :

  1. Works with neighbours to empower them
  2. Canvasses the neighbourhood for viewpoints and concerns
  3. Explores the City’s perspectives and development plans
  4. Advocates for the values of the London Road historical district

When a developer applies for a development permit the City notifies the London Road Neighbourhood Association and requests a response.

We enhance the quality of residency within the London Road area through advocacy, community newsletters, providing residents with support and information, and hosting special community events such as pumpkin walks, home tours, hot chocolate in the park, easter egg hunts, and other community-building activities.